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Historically, Immigration and Nationality Law has been a neglected stepchild, garnering relatively little attention.  That has changed over the years as the world shrinks in size and as we, in our role as part of the international community, come to realize that practice in all aspects of law can have ...Read More

Preserving Permanent Residence

PRESERVING PERMANENT RESIDENCE -PROCEDURAL AND EVIDENTIARY CONSIDERATIONS To properly protect one's rights as a permanent resident, it is important to understand how procedurally a challenge to permanent residence might develop, and what evidence could be used to establish continued eligibility. WHEN A CHALLENGE MAY OCCUR The Immigration Service generally does ...Read More


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT DV REGISTRATION1. WHAT DOES THE TERM "NATIVE" MEAN? ARE THERE ANY SITUATIONS IN WHICH PERSONS WHO WERE NOT BORN IN A QUALIFYING COUNTRY MAY APPLY?"Native" ordinarily means someone born in a particular country, regardless of the individual's current country of residence or nationality. But for ...Read More

Rights and Obligations of U.S. Green Card Holders

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS UPON GRANT OFPERMANENT RESIDENCE IN THE UNITED STATES As long as one maintains "an unrelinquished lawful permanent residence in the United States," he is entitled to the privileges and benefits of such permanent resident status in this country. REPORTING REQUIREMENTS Under current regulation there is no obligation ...Read More

What is an H-1B visa?

This is an introductory outline of the eligibility requirements, as well as the documents needed and filing procedures for the most common nonimmigrant visa category available for work in the U.S. A U.S. employer can obtain an H-1B professional work visa, for a period of up to ...Read More

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My O1 renewal was more difficult than the original application but Mr. Wildes and his team were there for me throughout the process with top notch legal advice and courtesy. In the end the firm again delivered the goods and I got my visa renewed desp...

Valentin Schmid

Hello all, I received big congrats from all of you, thank you for that, nonetheless I truly believe you own a big pie of this success. You made it possible, you drove me to the trophy, so congratulations to you on winning the case, congrats on le...

Alpha Nayete

The Top visa law firm in New York. I've used Michael Wildes firm for the past 3 visa applications, and all were a success! The utmost professional service, and law firm staff....

Vincenzo Vaccaro
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