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Rights and Obligations of U.S. Green Card Holders

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS UPON GRANT OFPERMANENT RESIDENCE IN THE UNITED STATES As long as one maintains "an unrelinquished lawful permanent residence in the United States," he is entitled to the privileges and benefits of such permanent resident status in this country. REPORTING REQUIREMENTS Under current regulation there is no obligation ...Read More


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT DV REGISTRATION1. WHAT DOES THE TERM "NATIVE" MEAN? ARE THERE ANY SITUATIONS IN WHICH PERSONS WHO WERE NOT BORN IN A QUALIFYING COUNTRY MAY APPLY?"Native" ordinarily means someone born in a particular country, regardless of the individual's current country of residence or nationality. But for ...Read More

Delays Caused By "Quota Retrogression"

Immigrant employees who obtain green cards through their employer’s sponsorship are subject to an annual cap of approximately 140,000 per year. The United States Department of State is responsible for administering this annual cap on immigrant visas. Regardless of whether you adjust your status in the United States or Consular ...Read More

What is an H-1B visa?

This is an introductory outline of the eligibility requirements, as well as the documents needed and filing procedures for the most common nonimmigrant visa category available for work in the U.S. A U.S. employer can obtain an H-1B professional work visa, for a period of up to ...Read More

Premium Processing on I-140s

Premium Processing is now available for most I-140 petitions. The Premium Processing Program permits U.S. businesses and individuals to pay a $1,000 premium processing fee to expedite the processing of their case.  Within a 15 day calendar period, USCIS will either issue a favorable decision, or take other ...Read More

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Michael Wildes and his team are highly professional and provide a great service in advising and facilitating application with USCIS. I'm very grateful to have worked with them for the second time ! Thank you very much for all your help !...

Xaver Kriechbaum

I am an Australian citizen initially wishing to travel to America for personal reasons however, after the establishment and incorporation of a business in America, I needed a working Visa. This required me to go from a B-1 visa to an E-3 Visa over a ...

Rodney Adler

We consider ourselves truly privileged to have had Attorney Michael Wildes and his excellent team of experts handle our case. Our situation was intricately complex. We had initially filed for the B Extension Visa and the R1-R2 Visa. I believe I sp...

Eli Lubin
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