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After our Managing Partner Michael Wides saw a need for a quality Immigration Law Firm in Miami FL, he took action to change all of that. Our Immigration Law Office in Miami was at one time more of a one man show. Since then, our team has grown enough to provide timely and expert support to even more clients in need of a U.S. Immigration Lawyer here at WIldes Law. We’re proud to call ourselves the firm most Miami residents consider to be the top Immigration Law Firm in Florida. Our Immigration Lawyers are among the best in Florida.

We live here, and we work here too! Our office is located in the heart of the city, and our team takes pride in that. We have the best Immigration Attorneys in Miami Florida, and our track record speaks for itself. Our office has grown to include more than 10 legal professionals who dedicate each day to helping immigrants actualize their journey to live and work in the United States. Our Immigration Law Office in Miami consists of resident attorneys, paralegals, and staff that take a hands-on approach to each case. Are you in need of a highly rated Immigration Law Firm here in Florida? If so, then you need an expert U.S. Immigration Lawyer like the ones here at WIldes Law. Our Immigration Law Office in Miami is ready to help take your case and represent your best interests.

Do you have concerns? We’re here to listen!

If you wish to migrate to another country but are uncertain about the whole immigration process, consult the best immigration attorneys in Miami. We strive to serve our clients with only the best immigration services at affordable prices. Our expert team has dealt with a wide variety of immigration cases. The U.S. Immigration Lawyers here at Wildes & Weinberg have years of experience with complex immigration issues along with constantly changing rules and regulations. Our immigration attorneys in Miami, FL have a wealth of experience in handling permanent residency cases. Don’t settle for anything less than the absolute best. Our Immigration Law Office in Miami is ready to help represent your best interests.

We have helped hundreds of people from a number of backgrounds gain permanent residency in the United States over the years. Our experienced Immigration Law Firm in Miami offers a variety of immigration services including:

*Employment Visas
*Citizenship & Naturalization
*Permanent Residency
*Green Cards
*Defense in Removal or Deportation
*Work Authorization
*Corporate Immigration
*Non Immigrant Visas
*Work Permits
*Permanent Labor Certification
*Treaty Traders & Treaty Investors

Wilde's Law is comprised of the top U.S. Immigration Lawyers in Miami Florida. Here at WIldes Law, we can proudly call ourselves the firm most residents consider to be the top Immigration Law Firm in South Florida. Our attorneys will walk you through entire process and ensure that our best and brightest attorneys are constantly working on your case. At Wildes Law, we firmly believe in keeping the entire Immigration process as smooth and efficient as possible. We will always fight for our clients. Even though changes in the law can impact the immigration process negatively, our immigration lawyers will work tirelessly to help you or your loved ones with any immigration case.

Don't trust an inexperienced immigration attorney in Miami FL. Trust the experts here at Wilde's Law.

Have you been deported and are you facing an imminent removal? We can provide you with an effective deportation defence. Regardless of the immigration needs you have, our immigration attorneys here at Wildes Law in Miami, FL are ready to take your case.

If you have questions, please contact Managing Partner Michael Wildes at


Please note that our Miami Office is relegated to the exclusive practice of Federal U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law.


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The Top visa law firm in New York. I've used Michael Wildes firm for the past 3 visa applications, and all were a success! The utmost professional service, and law firm staff....

Vincenzo Vaccaro

Michael, Rafael, Paul. Thank you so much for the hard work that you invested in my legal process, last weekend my wife and I received by mail the permanent resident cards. All this time you have been amazing and I really appreciate your help. ...

Brian Sanchez

ROCK STAR TEAM! Wildes & Weinberg is one of the best in class law firms out there. Michael Wildes and his team are exceptionally knowledgeable, professional and caring. Their execution time and effectiveness are impressive. Rest assured that you&...

Catherine Veca Mejia
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