We've been honored to be clients of Mr. Leon Wildes for many years-more recently Mayor Michael Wildes and Mr. Adam Moses have delighted us in carrying forward and indeed expanding the culture of integrity, know how, and unique expertise by which this law firm was founded upon. Objectively, this is the unparalleled immigration law firm in the nation. If you have any immigration issue, you can expect to receive personalized service and loyalty from every Staff member. 5+ stars!
Date of Posting: 16 October 2019
Posted By: Jason Gulida Wong
My O1 renewal was more difficult than the original application but Mr. Wildes and his team were there for me throughout the process with top notch legal advice and courtesy. In the end the firm again delivered the goods and I got my visa renewed despite a lot of bureaucratic hassle.
Date of Posting: 16 July 2019
Posted By: Valentin Schmid
Hello all,

I received big congrats from all of you, thank you for that, nonetheless I truly believe you own a big pie of this success.
You made it possible, you drove me to the trophy, so congratulations to you on winning the case, congrats on leading immigrants to fulfill their dreams.

For most people the green card is just a piece of card/paper, for me it is an opportunity, a validation that hard work pays, a confirmation that if you believe in something and work hard for it you would be rewarded.
My journey was a complex one. I went through several crisis and downs. I have been homeless, I remember not having food for days, I recall sleeping in a car for days, I remember going to the ocean just to take shower and run to school for midterms, I remember smiling in classes with an empty stomach, hungry for success. Each smile was painful, each smile was pumping my heart faster, exhausted from hunger, drained by thinking about ways to succeed and thirsty to be free from worries .
I remember my migraines that used to last weeks and the series of heartburn from excessive stress. Yes, I remember all.
I remember every frame of my journey and chose not to forget anything, not because I want to torture myself but to always remind myself the freeway that led to my current destination. This is a tiny piece of my experience I want you to know, this is what it takes some immigrants to be residents in the US. You can make it to green card without making the law-guy angry, and it is a classy way to make it through!

Though, it took years to get to this point, I am happy to have been blessed with courage and determination to fight long for it, blessed to have mentors hold my hand and blessed to have your team lead me to the green card.

Many thanks to all of you. Keep the good work on!
Date of Posting: 09 July 2019
Posted By: Alpha Nayete
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