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Wildes & Weinberg, P.C., perhaps the United States’ premier law firm concentrating in the Immigration and Nationality field, grew out of the practice of Leon Wildes, Esq., a distinguished immigration practitioner in New York City, in 1960. The firm expanded steadily as word of its outstanding achievements in individual cases and has spread in the international community, attracting clients from a broad range of nations and industries.

With offices in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los Angeles, Denver, and Tel Aviv, Wildes & Weinberg, P.C.’s original clientele consisted of individuals, rather than corporations, who had been placed in deportation or exclusion proceedings, lost their American citizenship, or were otherwise in jeopardy. As the United States, itself a nation of immigrants, became a magnet to industrious prospective immigrants from nations throughout the world, Wildes & Weinberg expanded to include representation of American businesses anxious to attract persons with needed skills. The firm participated in efforts to liberalize the immigration laws to permit even broader U.S. immigration and was sought out by major banks and industrial concerns to represent them in their efforts to secure needed personnel from abroad.

Today, the firm, which consists of over more than 40 individuals all focused on the field of immigration and nationality law, handles the work of a distinguished and growing clientele, and is known for its prompt and efficient service across many fields, including firms, banks, industrial, financial, and manufacturing concerns and law firms in connection with the personnel needs of their foreign national employees. In addition, we have a distinguished clientele and have done substantial immigration work for actors, performing artists, writers, filmmakers, fine artists, influencers, stylists, models, photographers, content creators, dancers, composers, graphic designers, scholars, inventors, lecturers, chefs, athletes, esports professionals, and business leaders. Despite its steady growth over the past 60 years, the hallmark of this law practice remains the individualized attention to its clients’ problems.