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eb-1 approval secured for gaurav sinha, asset allocation strategist

Managing Partner Michael Wildes is pleased to announce that Wildes & Weinberg has secured EB-1 (Extraordinary Ability) classification on behalf of Mr. Gaurav Sinha and WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc.  Mr. Sinha is recognized as an extraordinary Asset Allocation Strategist, who has made original contributions of major significance. 

One of the areas in which Mr. Sinha has established himself as a leader is in assisting with the development of new and alternative index weighting systems known as the “Smart Beta” approach. Mr. Sinha is part of a team at WisdomTree that pioneered an approach over 10 years ago to create indices that screen for and weight companies based on their fundamental characteristics, such as profits, dividends, earnings or quality of balance sheet data.  WisdomTree’s Smart Beta approach, which periodically rescreens and reweights index constituents based on such fundamental characteristics, is designed to help investors by increasing exposure to companies with sound fundamentals, as compared to indices that use a simple market capitalization weighting.  Techniques like these may produce superior total return, risk adjusted return and higher income. 

Mr. Sinha has made meaningful contributions to many of WisdomTree’s new equity index strategies.  Additionally, Mr. Sinha has developed new asset allocation strategies designed to mitigate market risk and provide practical solutions to a diverse client base.  Mr. Sinha has also appeared in numerous articles published in major financial publications including Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Barron’s and Seeking Alpha. It is our Firm’s honor to have represented WisdomTree and Mr. Sinha in securing approval of their immigrant petition.

Founded in 1960 by Michael’s father, Leon Wildes, whose best-known accomplishment was his successful representation of John Lennon in his widely publicized deportation proceedings, the circumstances of which have inspired several films and documentaries, Wildes & Weinberg specializes exclusively in the practice of U.S. immigration and nationality law. More than fifty six years since its inception the firm continues to serve a distinguished domestic and international clientele and covers all areas of U.S. immigration law, including employment and investment-based immigration, work permits, permanent residence for qualified individuals, family-based immigration, asylum applications and all temporary and permanent type visas. 

In addition to running a highly successful immigration law practice, Michael serves as Counsel to Lincoln Center and two international/corporate law firm and is internationally renowned for his successful representation of distinguished individuals and corporate clients such as performing artists, directors, writers, models, actors/actresses, athletes, race car drivers, fine artists, art dealers, curators, musicians, photographers, stylists, and literary agents. Some of the firm’s recent clients include famed artist Sarah Brightman, several Miss Universe winners as well as soccer icon Pele. 

Despite difficulties currently being encountered in dealing with U.S. immigration authorities, Wildes & Weinberg has  maintained an extraordinary track record for success for its cases.  In addition, the firm’s  multilingual  staff is known for its experience and special expertise in processing each foreign national’s case with nothing less than the highest level of professionalism. 

Today, the firm of Wildes & Weinberg, maintains offices in New York City, New York, Englewood, New Jersey,  Miami, Florida, and Los Angeles, California and continues to maintain its stellar reputation in the field of U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law.

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