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florida introduces new e-verify requirement

In a surprise move, new Florida Governor, Rick Scott, implemented an E-Verify requirement for “all agencies under the direction of the Governor.”  E-Verify is an online employment authorization verification system run by the U.S. government to aid in Form I-9 compliance. Several other states, Arizona included, have similar legislation already in place but the E-Verify system is not without its flaws. Though changes have been made to the system over the last several years, it has been criticized for issuing false positives and has wrongly implied that individuals lacked proper work authorization.

Since 1986, nearly all employers in the United States have been required to verify the employment authorization of new hires through Form I-9, whether done in-house or through programs such as E-Verify. Form I-9 compliance has become a top tool in the Obama administration’s fight against employers who knowingly hire unauthorized workers but the I-9 form itself is notoriously difficult to complete correctly.

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