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is an immigration attorney really necessary?

According to Managing Partner Michael Wildes, for most individuals, it really is.  The below scenario is one that we come across on a daily basis. Of course, we assist with any type of U.S. bound immigration matter. 

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Oftentimes, clients come to us after suffering from a rude awakening—they had initially filed an Adjustment of Status case on their own, had attempted to navigate the multitudes of forms required by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services and track down all of the necessary documents, and had found that the task was just too complicated and labyrinthine for them to handle on their own. Or, worse, they were disheartened to find their Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status and Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative had been returned to them by the government with a notice stating that a fee had not been paid, or a box had not been checked, and that they would have to file everything all over again. 

Even the most seemingly straightforward family-based Adjustment of Status case can be complicated by the legalese of the government’s immigration system. It can be frustrating for a family who just wants to bring their loved one to the United States, or for someone who may have overstayed their visa status and wants to make things right by applying for Permanent Residency through their spouse. 

Our clients come to Wildes & Weinberg, PC because they know that our firm will provide quality service and can help them navigate the complex labyrinths of the U.S. immigration system. We have on our staff many knowledgeable and experienced attorneys and paralegals who strive to make the often anxiety-inducing immigration process as easy and painless as possible for our clients. We understand not only the complexities of immigration law but also the complexities of the emotions fueling our clients—the grandmother abroad who wants to immigrate to the United States to spend the rest of her life with her children and grandchildren, the bodega owner who has been living in and serving his community for decades and now wants to become a U.S. citizen. Our guiding principle is to assist others in their journey to achieve the storied American Dream, and to help make the process as smooth as possible 

 Wildes & Weinberg, P.C. was founded in 1960 by Managing Partner Michael Wildes’father, Leon Wildes, whose best-known accomplishment was his successful representation of John Lennon in his widely publicized deportation proceedings (the circumstances of which have inspired several films and documentaries). The firm specializes exclusively in the practice of U.S. immigration and nationality law, has a distinguished domestic and international clientele, and can assist with any type of immigration matter including employment and investment-based immigration, work permits, permanent residence for qualified individuals, family-based immigration, asylum applications, all temporary and permanent type visas, and U.S. citizenship.       

In addition to running a highly successful immigration law practice, Michael is also currently serving his third term as Mayor of Englewood, New Jersey, is the author of Safe Haven in America: Battles to Open the Golden Door (which draws on over a quarter of a century of his practice in the immigration field), is an Adjunct Professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York, and serves as Counsel to Lincoln Center and several international/corporate law firms. Moreover, Michael is internationally renowned for his successful representation of distinguished individuals and corporate clients such as performing artists, directors, writers, models, actors/actresses, athletes, race car drivers, fine artists, art dealers, curators, musicians, photographers, stylists, and literary agents. Some of the firm’s other distinguished clients include scholar Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (z”l), as well as soccer icon Pele, Master Chef Jean-Georges and Former First Lady Melania Trump and her family.      

Today the firm of Wildes & Weinberg has offices in New York City, New York, Englewood, New Jersey, Miami, Florida, and a presence in Los Angeles, California, and continues to maintain its stellar reputation in the field of U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law.      

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