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michael wildes is pleased to announce that his firm has successfully reunited a family who has been separated for more than 13 years

For some parents, the desire to live the American Dream comes with great consequences. More than 13 years ago, the parents of 3 young boys set off to give their children a better life and the hard work, perseverance and patience of the Alvia family was finally fruitful.

According to Mrs. Alvia, “The most important day of my life so far came true this past weekend, as one of my goals I set in motion over 13 years ago became possible when my children joined me in the United States.  My husband Jacinto Alvia and I were able to bring my three (3) children legally to the United States after a long separation.  I left Guatemala 13 years ago for a better life in the United States and left my three (3) young children behind.  I worked hard,  met a wonderful man and today I am happily married to my husband, Jacinto Alvia. My husband was able to petition for my three (3) sons.”

Regarding Wildes & Weinberg’s assistance, Mrs. Alvia said “Mr. Wildes you had the patience and understood my frustrations and dealt with me and my husband Jacinto  every step of the way, including the most frustrating part, when the American Consul in Guatemala made a request for additional evidence “post interview”  requiring yet more information of our relationship and Jacinto’s relationship with my sons… Mr. Wildes you advocated and fought for my boys. We preserved and now my three (3) children are here in the United States with me.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dream and the dream of my sons come true, without your legal expertise, insight and care none of this would have been possible.  I have attached photographs of our emotional reunion at the airport upon their arrival in the United States.  Muchisimas Gracias.”

For more than fifty six years, the firm of Wildes & Weinberg has concentrated its practice in all aspects of U.S. immigration and nationality law, servicing the immigration requirements of prominent American and International individuals and corporations, banks, industrial, financial and manufacturing concerns, and law firms in connection with the personnel needs of their foreign national employees.  In addition, the firm has a distinguished clientele and has done substantial immigration work for investors, scientists, physicians, bankers, performing artists, directors, writers, models, actors, athletes, fine artists, art dealers, curators, musicians, and literary agents.

In addition, the firm is internationally renowned for its successful representation of distinguished individuals and corporate clients such as performing artists, directors, writers, models, actors/actresses, athletes, race car drivers, fine artists, art dealers, curators, musicians, literary agents, and Fortune 500 companies. Some of the firm’s recent clients include famed artist Sarah Brightman, several Miss Universe winners as well as soccer icon Pele.

Despite difficulties currently being encountered in dealing with U.S. immigration authorities, Wildes & Weinberg has maintained an extraordinary track record for success in its cases and the firm’s multilingual staff is known for its experience and special expertise in processing each foreign national’s matter with nothing less than the highest level of professionalism.

Today, the firm of Wildes & Weinberg, maintains offices in New York City, New York, Englewood, New Jersey, Miami, Florida, and just announced its most recent expansion into Los Angeles, California.

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