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o-1 and o-2 visa approvals secured for french pastry chefs

Wildes & Weinberg recently succeeded in securing an O-1 visa for a renowned French pastry chef, Romuald Guiot, along with an O-2 visa for his supporting assistant pastry chef, Alexis Goetz. Romuald Guiot, who will serve as Head Pastry Chef of an up-and-coming Brooklyn bakery, Mirabelle Bakeries, has won numerous prestigious awards in the culinary arts, and there have been numerous articles published about him and his talent in various esteemed publications around the world. Alexis Goetz has a unique background working throughout Europe, and has an educational background in science and engineering which contributes to his rare skills as a pastry chef and baker. Alexis has worked extensively with Romuald, the O-1 principal. Alexis will be joining Romuald to serve as his assistant pastry chef at Mirabelle Bakeries. Mirabelle Bakeries is proud to provide to its customers a diverse variety of international baked goods, all baked on premises with the finest quality ingredients.

O-2 visas are available to those who are seeking to enter the U.S. for the purpose of assisting the performance of an O-1 visa holder or O-1 visa applicant (O-1 and O-2 visas can be applied for concurrently). O-2 visas are available to individuals supporting O-1s in the field of arts, athletics, film, or television. It must be established that the O-2 applicant has worked extensively with the O-1 principal, and that the O-2 applicant has critical skills in his/her field. he O-2 visa holder is not authorized to work independently of the O-1 principal, and will be admitted for the same length of time as the O-1 visa holder.

Wildes & Weinberg provided extensive documentary evidence to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to prove that the Pastry Chefs are extraordinary in their field, that it is essential that Alexis be able to work in support of Romuald, and that Alexis Goetz, the O-2 applicant, possesses extremely rare skills and experience working with Romuald Guiot.

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