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o-1 approval secured for ariel michaeli, marketing executive

Managing Partner Michael Wildes is delighted to announce that Wildes & Weinberg P.C. has secured O-1 visa classification on behalf of client Mr. Ariel Michaeli, based on his outstanding success and achievements as marketing executive in the field of mobile applications. 

Ariel Michaeli is widely recognized for his expertise as a marketing executive and has generated critical success for appFigures, a platform which provides app makers business intelligence tools to track all of their apps effectively. Ariel has garnered an international reputation in his field and as a result he has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as eBay, Capcom, and AIG and is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences. His innovative contributions have been recognized by experts and he is often quoted as an authority in the business field by some of the leading tech publications, including the Wall Street Journal, TechCruch, and Business Insider. His achievements and record of acclaim in the booming app industry have qualified him for O-1 classification as an alien of extraordinary ability. 

O-1 classification is reserved for those individuals who have risen to a high level of acclaim in their field of expertise. An individual’s high level of acclaim is demonstrated through various forms of documentation such as publications about the beneficiary or awards granted to the Beneficiary by organizations or experts within their field. 

Mr. Wildes is honored to have secured O-1 Visa classification for Ariel Michaeli, so that he may bring his expertise in the technology world to the United States. 


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