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o-1 approval secured for liron prihar, fitness business executive

Managing Partner Michael Wildes is proud to announce the approval of the petition filed to secure O-1 classification for international fitness business executive, Liron Prihar.

In an illustrious career spanning the past 5 years, Ms. Prihar has established herself as an individual of extraordinary ability as a fitness business expert. Liron Prihar is the CEO and Founder of GoFlo Trainer. As a former programmer, Ms. Prihar turned her attention to researching and developing her own niche within the fitness industry—the GoFlo Trainer. GoFlo Trainer is an innovative training method that is recognized and implemented around the world, which transforms the body and mind. The signature training technique combines functional methods of working the body, including a unique combination of explosive strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, sports specifics drills and more. Ms. Prihar has become recognized by the international community as a leader in general fitness with a specific focus on the business and marketing of fitness. She is renowned for her unique integration of various forms of exercise, tailoring her program exactly to different clients’ needs and achieving extraordinary results.

In order to qualify for an O-1 visa, which allows individuals of extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, athletics, education or business to live and work in the United States, a foreign national must provide adequate documentation to demonstrate that he/she has sustained national or international acclaim in their field.

In addition, the individual must provide substantial evidence to prove that he/she meets three of the evidence categories defined by statute, as well as a written advisory opinion from a labor union or relevant peer group. The O-1 visa applicant must also show that he/she has an offer of employment in the United States to work in his/her field of expertise (or several offers of employment from multiple sources, along with a third-party Agent to petition on the individual’s behalf and connect him/her to the multiple employers).

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