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our representation of eugene gasana, former rwandan ambassador to the un

The Law Firm of Wildes & Weinberg, P.C. and its Managing Partner Michael J. Wildes represent Mr. Eugene Gasana, the former Ambassador to the Republic of Rwanda to the United Nations and Minister of State in charge of International Cooperation, in connection with his U.S. immigration matters.  

Mr. Michael Wildes is working on the former Ambassador’s behalf to achieve a permanent  status in the United States.  Wildes stated: “I feel privileged to represent such a distinguished gentleman as Mr. Gasana and his accompanying family in their quest to remain in the United States, he is an asset to our nation”.  

Michael Wildes is an adjunct professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York and teaches Business Immigration Law.  He is a former federal prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn (1989-1993). Having represented the United States government in immigration proceedings, Michael Wildes is a frequent participant on professional panels and commentator on network television and radio with regard to the war on terrorism and U.S. immigration law. He has testified on Capitol Hill in connection with anti-terrorism legislation and is internationally renowned for his successful representation of distinguished individuals; defectors; people who fought terrorists and corporate clients. Some of Michael Wildes recent clients include First Lady Melania Trump, famed artists Sarah Brightman, Lionel Richie, Boy George, Sinead O’Connor, many of the former Miss Universes as well as soccer icon Pele, master Chef Jean-Georges and other talented artists. He was also the former mayor of Englewood, New Jersey, where he resides.  

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