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our representation of ilan ron, kosher food expert

Wildes & Weinberg, P.C. is delighted to announce its representation of Ilan Ron, an expert in the commercialization of kosher food worldwide, and the securing of an O-1 approval on his behalf based on his remarkable success in business.
Mr. Ron’s accomplishments in the field of kosher food commercialization are unique in that he has applied his expertise to expand the reach of kosher food products to new markets, resulting in a first-of-its-kind access to kosher food products, globally.
Ilan has over 20 years of experience in the industry, where he is renowned and has worked for global food giants including Sodexho, Unilever, and more.  He is considered an authority the fields of food commerce, customer marketing, and consumer behavior in the niche kosher business environment.  Moreover, his career achievements include successfully launching a full portfolio of kosher branded snacks in Asia and in the U.S.  Furthermore, through the relationship with Lipton of Unilever, Mr. Ron successfully launched kosher Matza Balls, which can now be found in all major grocery chains throughout the United States.  Ilan also had a leading role in bringing major American consumer brands to the Israeli marketplace, including Sbarro, Manhattan Bagel, and many finished products such as the Lipton teas, Hellman’s spreads, Knorr sauces, Mazola spreads, and others.
Wildes & Weinberg P.C., is honored to have secured an O-1 approval for Mr. Ron so that he may continue to bring his expertise in kosher food commercialization to the United States, where he will perform in the role of the President for Kenover Marketing, merging into Kenover Marketing B&W and Kedem Food Products and creating the largest kosher food distribution business in the country.
With the help of Wildes & Weinberg, P.C., Mr. Ron will continue to expand the kosher brands and products of Kenover Marketing to new markets.
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