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us government fact sheet provides advice for f, m, or j nonimmigrants for a drivers license or state id

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently released a Fact Sheet providing F, M or J nonimmigrants and their responsible program officials with information concerning obtaining drivers’ licenses or identification cards. Due to the fact that each state has its own individual requirements, F, M and J nonimmigrants are advised to familiarize themselves with regulations, policies and guidelines for each state. The Fact Sheet lists links to web sites for each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

As a general rule, any F, M or J nonimmigrant may apply for a driver’s license or ID as long as s/he is in lawful status and presents necessary supporting documents required to verify legal presence I nthe USA. Before applying for a license or ID, the nonimmigrant student or exchange visitor should:

The Fact Sheet, including an information summary on a state by state basis, can be found at

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