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US-VISIT Program Expanded to Lawful Permanent Residents

DHS has recently published a rule which will expand its US-VISIT requirements to Lawful Permanent Residents of the

United States


US-VISIT is a DHS program whereby biometrics (fingerprints and photographs) are taken as part of the visa application process and upon entry into the

United States

.  According to DHS, this program “enables the
government to establish and verify your identity when you visit the

United States


The program previously applied only to nonimmigrant visitors to the

United States

.  Effective January 18, 2009, most lawful permanent residents of the United States will also be required to have their biometrics each time they enter.

Limited exceptions to the biometric requirements will include Canadian citizens seeking short-term admission for business or pleasure under B visas, and individuals traveling on A and G (diplomatic) visas, among others.

Lawful permanent residents of the United States should now be prepared to spend more time at the airport each time they return to the United States.  They should also bear in mind that, while an inconvenience, there is no cause for alarm and there is no challenge being made to their status as lawful permanent residents.

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