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Michael Wildes, son of former AILA President Leon Wildes, and managing partner at the prominent immigration firm of Wildes & Weinberg in New York City, is currently serving his second term as Mayor of Englewood, New Jersey.  Mayor Wildes was appointed by Governor Jon S. Corzine to be part of the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel of Immigrant Policy in August of 2007.  Recently, the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel came out with an executive summary of recommendations to the state on a variety of issues pertinent to immigration policy in New Jersey.  Mayor Wildes is also the Chairman of the Immigration Task Force with the New Jersey League of Municipalities. Wildes’ effort in modifying existing guidelines has led the way for reform in New Jersey, and sets an example for the rest of the nation.  The recommendations of the committee are sure to bring about many positive changes in the way we view immigration laws in America.   

CLICK HERE: Report to Governor Corzine from the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel

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CLICK HERE: Michael Wildes’ Website

CLICK HERE: Department of the Public Advocate


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