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The Academies @ Englewood has partnered with the Immigration Law Offices of Wildes & Weinberg, the firm in which Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes is an immigration attorney/managing partner in allowing students to complete an internship at the firm. This semester, Englewood Academies Student, Mirela Krawczyk is currently completing an internship at Wildes & Weinberg and sits in on client appointments, assists in case research, handles case material, and is learning law technicalities.

The Wildes & Weinberg Law offices was established in the 1960’s by the principle partner of the firm and father of Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes, Leon Wildes. Covering all aspects of immigration law, W&W stands as one of the finest law firms in the country specializing in this field. Wildes & Weinberg P.C. Law Office is centered on providing unprecedented commitment, efficiency, and support in its clients’ cases. From the famous John Lennon immigration case to the average family tourist visas, W&W’s myriad of attorneys and paralegals cover a multitude of topics to fit every client’s needs.

PHOTO left to right: Academies @ Englewood advisor Leslie Eaton, W&W principle partner of the firm and father of Mayor Wildes, Leon Wildes, Academies Student, Mirela Krawczyk, Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes, and Academies @ Englewood advisor Gordana Picinich


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