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Michel Martelly better known as “Sweet Micky” was born in Port-Au-Prince on February 12, 1961.

He is running for the presidency of Haiti in a March 20th runoff against Mirlande Manigat. 

He first achieved fame as a performing and recording artist who became popular through Haitian music known as compas.

Martelly studied in Haiti, where he attended Collège Roger Anglade, Saint Louis de Gonzague and Centre d ‘Etudes Secondaires and it is where he completed his studies and passed his Baccalaureate State exams.

He represents the Repons Peyizan (Citizens Speak Out) Party.

Since declaring his candidacy in August 2010, he has made a concerted effort to distance himself from his musical persona, usually associated with provocative lyrics.

However, the singer has occasionally invoked his music to demonstrate the connection he has with the people of Haiti, not the politicians, and that he knows what needs to be done on the ground.

Martelly’s platform

Implementation of enforceable construction standards to avoid the ubiquitous weak foundations that came down during the earthquake

Streamlining Haiti’s decentralized government to allow for more efficient delivery of social services.

Attributes many of the country’s ills to the regime of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, despite having a close relationship with President Préval, Aristide’s former prime minister.

Criticizes the indefinite occupation of the United Nation’s MINUSTAH peacekeeping mission-installed after Aristide’s ouster by the United States in 2004-whose soldiers recently clashed with Haitian protesters, killing at least one.

A recent interview on the following link provides a direct introduction to Michel Martelly .
You can also visit the official Michel Martelly campaign website at  and for more information.

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