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michael wildes on the rise of anti-semitism, political asylum, and volunteer protective measures

As the world watches with horror the videos and images hailing from Paris to Israel with horror it is clear  that there is a sharp increase in worldwide Anti-Semitism. Applications for political asylum and safe haven are clearly on the rise.
The Jewish community is fortunate to have an organization such as CSS, whose mission it is to protect the lives and the way of life of the American Jewish community as it trains its volunteers in professional security techniques . These community volunteers then protect events during high-risk times.  CSS partners with the organized Jewish community, governmental authorities and the police and operates on a strictly non-political and non-denominational basis. To date, CSS protects over 75 events and synagogues each month and has graduated more than 3,000 volunteers.  
As a former Federal Prosecutor, Auxiliary Police Officer (NYPD) and two-term mayor of the City of Englewood, New Jersey, Managing Partner Michael Wildes has firsthand experience with protecting the community.  In addition, Mr. Wildes has been a volunteer member of Hatzolah, a voluntary emergency medical service organization serving mostly Jewish communities around the world, for more then 20 years. 
Mr. Wildes help organize and accompanied the CSS leadership on a fact finding trip to London 
in 2010 where they met with leaders of CST, their British counterparts.  

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