Wildes and Weinberg is proud to announce that it has attained US Citizenship for long time client and celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The firm has represented the famed Chef since 1991.

"Wildes and Weinberg have been representing me since 1991 when I first had a H1-B visa through getting my green card.  Now I am grateful for attaining my US citizenship through their good offices.  I will soon be sworn," said Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten  "Special thank you to Michael Wildes and Steven Weinberg for knowing the "special ingredients" of this beautiful country, and to helping to make my dream of being a United States citizen come true.  There is no better Immigration Law Firm in the United States!"

Though Jean-Georges Vongerichten is one of the world’s most famous chefs, his skills extend far beyond the kitchen. A savvy businessman and restaurateur, Jean-Georges is responsible for the operation and success of a constellation of three and four star restaurants worldwide.

"This is what makes our jobs worthwhile.  We are able to work with our clients through the pathway to being a citizen of our great nation.  It’s exciting to be part of their journey, we help them achieve their American dream.  I will never get tired of seeing the looks on the faces of our clients when they receive word of their status. For many it truly is a dream come true," concluded Michael Wildes, Managing Partner of Wildes and Weinberg.


We consider ourselves truly privileged to have had Attorney Michael Wildes and his excellent team of experts handle our case. Our situation was intricately complex. We had initially filed for the B Extension Visa and the R1-R2 Visa. I believe I sp...

Eli Lubin

We worked with Michael, Zoya, Yoni, and Walter. They were all wonderful to work with. They helped us with both a J-1 and a marriage visa. Even though we were out of state for them (we are based in Oklahoma), everything went smoothly, and we would ...

Michael Basch

The advice and guidance I received from Attorney Michael Wildes was superb. He brought tears to the eyes of my clients because it facilitated them getting their children here from Ethiopia....

Noel Myricks
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