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legend lost. congressman john lewis walked with greatness and led fearlessly changing america in the last 60 years

Our nation is stronger and remains a beacon of freedom that he worked to improve. I will never forget hosting him in my home. He respected that I would walk miles on Saturdays (my sabbath) to attend events in the African American Community. And so I walked again today up and down Palisade Avenue working to improve our great City.  

He fought to end segregation and placed himself at great risk to see our nation advance forward. He signed one of his famous photos marching with Dr. King which proudly hangs in my bedroom. “To Mayor Wildes, Keep the Faith and Walking”. So today I walked again with my Black brothers and sisters led by M-d Minott. Congressman Lewis’ spirit propels each of our steps. 

May he Rest in Peace and Power. Let us continue to honor his extraordinary legacy each and every day of our lives. 

Michael Wildes, Managing Partner

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