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michael wildes interviewed regarding joe giudice

Managing Partner Michael Wildes is interviewed by WCBS-TV/WLNY-TV Entertainment Reporter Jill Nicolini in connection with the immigration implications of the prison term for Real Housewife of New Jersey husband Joe Giudice, an Italian national who was charged with mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud in addition to tax evasion and using a false identity.


According to Michael Wildes, a former federal prosecutor and the Managing Partner of Wildes & Weinberg, P.C., a boutique immigration law firm with offices in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and California, there is a very strong chance that Joe Giudice will be handcuffed upon his release and brought into the immigration system after he completes his prison sentence. Despite the fact that Joe’s wife and 4 children are American citizens, Joe, who is a permanent resident of the U.S, could face the possibility of removal and being deported back to Italy when he finishes his sentence, even though he has lived in the USA for his whole life. 

Any non-citizen individual who commits a crime that qualifies as an aggravated felony, and is one involving moral turpitude, faces the potentiality of deportation, with little if any possibility of relief.  According to Michael Wildes, in “Giudice’s case, the amount of the tax fraud alone for which Joe and his wife have been charged, nearly $1 million is more than enough to reach the threshold of an aggravated felony…and fraud is clearly a crime of moral turpitude.”  

Since 1960, Wildes & Weinberg, P.C. has been assisting thousands of individuals who wish to remain permanently on our shores.  The only way to protect oneself from deportation and separation of family, is to apply for naturalization, when permissible.  For further information, please visit our Litigation Page.



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