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Michael Wildes, my guest this coming Tuesday on my radio show “Let’s Get Real With Reuben Torres”, will discuss U.S. ImmigrationLaw.

Michael Wildes is a Former Federal Prosecutor; immigration lawyer; and the Mayor of Englewood, New Jersey.

A partner in the law firm of Wildes & Weinberg P.C., Mr. Wildes is also Chair of the Immigration Task Force of the New Jersey League of Municipalities, and was recently appointed by the New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine to sit as a member of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Immigration.

“Let’s Get Real With Reuben Torres ” is an open forum where topics on politics, immigration, health, education, and other global issues, that affect our country and the world at large, are discussed and debated at local, national, and global levels. “Let’s Get Real With Reuben Torres ” airs every Tuesday evening from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

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