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michael wildes quoted in wall street journal: work authorization for h-1b spouses?

Managing Partner Michael Wildes was recently quoted in a Wall Street Journal posting regarding a recent proposal to allow work authorization for spouses of H-1B visa holders.  

In the article, which appears in the India Real Time page of the Wall Street Journal’s web site, Michael is quoted as saying that this “would be a tremendous benefit to young, hard-working families who could certainly benefit from a second income.  It is foolish to not accommodate these talented professionals.”

In our opinion, this is long overdue and should become a reality.  One of underlying tenets of the H-1B visa program is to ensure that foreign workers and U.S. citizen workers are treated equally, so to afford one the freedom and flexibility of a working spouse while denying it to the other is against the very spirit of our Immigration system. 

To view the entire text of the article, entitled Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders May Soon be Allowed to Work in the U.S., please click here.

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