Lincoln Center Recognizes Michael Wildes for His Participation in Their Counsels' Council

Another Year/Another Acknowledgment: Lincoln Center recognizes the hard work and dedication of its Counsel's Council, including Wildes & Weinberg P.C. Managing Partner Michael Wildes. Michael Wildes serves of counsel to Lincoln Center regarding their U.S. Immigration needs. The 16 acre complex, "the world's leading performing arts center, is ...Read More

O-1 Approval Secured for Harvey Tadman, Music Manager and Executive

Managing Partner Michael Wildes is proud to announce the approval of the 0-1 visa petition filed on behalf of music manager and executive Harvey Tadman, January 2019. Harvey Tadman is an esteemed music manager and music executive who is considered among the ranks of other important music figures. He has led ...Read More

O-1 Approval Secured for Rosie Evans, Tattoo Artist

Managing Partner Michael Wildes is pleased to announce that Wildes & Weinberg has secured O-1 visa classification on behalf of the talented British tattoo artist, Rosie Evans. January2019. Rosie has worked in high-profile tattoo studios around the world, and has been profiled by major publications internationally. Rosie’s work was ...Read More

O-1 Approval Secured for Gil Shohat, Conductor, Composer and Pianist

Managing Partner Michael Wildes is delighted to announce the approval of an O-1 visa petition filed on behalf of the world-renowned Israeli conductor, composer and pianist, Gil Shohat. Gil has been performing all over the world for decades at the highest level of achievement. He has performed with, and had ...Read More

O-1/O-2 Approvals Secured for Sarah Brightman and Her Supporting Band and Crew

Managing Partner Michael Wildes is pleased to announce that best-selling artist Sarah Brightman’s O-1 visa petition has been approved, along with the O-2 visa petition for her supporting band and crew. Famed artist Sarah Brightman is embarking on an exciting tour in the United States beginning in early 2019 performing ...Read More

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My O1 renewal was more difficult than the original application but Mr. Wildes and his team were there for me throughout the process with top notch legal advice and courtesy. In the end the firm again delivered the goods and I got my visa renewed desp...

Valentin Schmid

Hello all, I received big congrats from all of you, thank you for that, nonetheless I truly believe you own a big pie of this success. You made it possible, you drove me to the trophy, so congratulations to you on winning the case, congrats on le...

Alpha Nayete

The Top visa law firm in New York. I've used Michael Wildes firm for the past 3 visa applications, and all were a success! The utmost professional service, and law firm staff....

Vincenzo Vaccaro
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