Dear Michael Wildes, my husband and I would like to thank you and your team,  the work was not easy, especially in the statement, there were a lot of flaws, but we managed to correct everything in a short time, on the other hand.  we had hired a law firm a year ago, a special thank you to lawyer joshua who does not speak french and even less the haitian creole who manages to look for the taste and the true version of the story, who also gave us  motivated and activated like a director who is ready to release his last episode at any cost.  a special thanks also to lawyer Tudor as a bomb activator after 5 years 9 months who was finally able to activate this great day for us, who reactivated the hope of seeing our children soon, I know it is too early to shout  victory but my faith allowed me, a little hello to miss kenia Sanchez who has always taken my grievances and appeals to heart seriously and carried out administrative follow-up.  frankly the team is extremely solid and dynamic, I have nothing to complain about except the cost of the services compared to my means are a bit high but it's worth it 😁 you did a great job, the last thanks to nurse Michel,  your client, my best friend, my classmate for more than 20 years who played the role of translator, sacrificed more than 10 hours to help us finalize the work sincerely thank you very much, I know in the future weeks we will have a  positive response, my God will not remain indifferent in my case 😇.  soon we will continue with administrative services, such as green cards, children who are Haiti and also naturalization who knows when your day is coming .  receive my distinguished greetings

Date of Posting: August 3, 2022
Posted By: Jacques Carline

Our client David came to us after spending more than three years stuck in the immigration court morass with another attorney. His individual hearing wasn’t scheduled to occur for over a year, and he thought it might get pushed off again, which created a lot of problems for him and his wife. More than anything, they wanted some finality, so that they could plan their lives. Wildes & Weinberg took over the case and immediately got to work. We got Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s attorney to agree to recommend David’s case be approved. We took that commitment to the judge and asked him to push up our client’s individual hearing, which would be a mere formality to approve his green card case. David came to us in early 2022 after several years of frustration, and before the end of May his case was approved and him and his wife were elated. Our results were due to our dedication, persistence, competence, and reputation. When ICE and the judge saw what we had, they knew this was an easy case. Wildes & Weinberg continues to help our clients not just get where they’re going, but fast. For immigrants frustrated with delays, we know how to get things done, whether that’s lawsuits, motions, or cutting red tape through our knowledge of the system.

Date of Posting: June 8, 2022
Posted By: David E.

Josh Wildes and Yoni Jonas are amazing! We sought Wildes & Weinberg help because our application for naturalization was taking a long time and seemed to be stuck in the system indefinitely. Within two weeks of submitting our paperwork to Josh and Yoni, we had our interview scheduled, and a week after our interview, we have our Oath Ceremony scheduled as well. I Couldn't recommend the services of Wildes & Weinberg more!

Date of Posting: June 1, 2022
Posted By: Daniela Bustamante

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How can you trust someone to be a part of one of the biggest moves you will ever make in your life? That’s what I asked myself when looking for the right lawyer to work on our visa my wife...

Tallis Date : November 29, 2023

I would like to bring the positive news that mine and my family's visas have been APPROVED! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to express my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional efforts and unwavering support...

Lee Jackson Date : September 25, 2023

Michael and his entire team are professional, diligent and knowledgeable, effective and efficient, patient in guidance and interaction, and confident and reassuring in attitude. In brief: excellent partners and guides for the complex immigration journey.

Jonatan S Date : September 14, 2023

The team at Wildes & Weinberg waste no time. They are intelligent, professional, and know exactly what needs to be done to succeed in your case. Had the pleasure of working with Josh Wildes, Julie P. Levey, and Brenda Moura,...

Michael “Dimucc” DiMuccio Date : September 8, 2023

Josh Wildes & everyone on the W&W team were excellent with dealing with my green card application. The team were responsive to any questions, set clear goals & requirements for any & all documentation and were clear on what to...

Kelvin Barker Date : March 10, 2023

I received my Green Card from Michael Wildes and his firm some days ago. The petition approval and Green Card release represent a real achievement for people like me in the US. Michael Wildes and his team are excellent, and...

Luca Zammataro Date : November 22, 2022

Dear Michael Wildes, my husband and I would like to thank you and your team,  the work was not easy, especially in the statement, there were a lot of flaws, but we managed to correct everything in a short time,...

Jacques Carline Date : August 3, 2022

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